Tim Camper
Field Superintendent & Project Coordinator
Larry Lamanca

Although Tim was born in Lexington, VA he considers Roanoke his hometown, since moving there at a young age. He is a graduate of Jefferson High School. He first learned the commercial glass trade when he worked at Stovall. But in 1994, ADG was fortunate to hire Tim as their first glass installer and he has remained dedicated to us since. He says he has seen the glass industry make a lot of changes since then, especially in the safety aspects of glass installation and the added benefit of having lifts available, rather than in the past days of building elaborate scaffolds for installing purposes. He takes pride in on-site evaluations, making certain that unexpected job site requirements are always considered as each job progresses to completion. Two of Tim’s favorite jobs are Virginia Tech Bioinformatics Building, located in Blacksburg, VA and Westminster Canterbury, located in Lynchburg, VA. He is an avid NASCAR fan and tries to never miss a Martinsville or Richmond race. Along with racing he enjoys camping and working on remodeling projects at his home.